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My Top Ten Gift Ideas

It's a tough year to find the right gift when spending hours at the mall sifting through the shelves is not a good idea and holiday bazaars, crafts fairs, and the like are probably not happening nor a good idea. I've put together some of my favorite things to consider when doing the Christmas thing this year...most importantly, order online, do curbside pickup, support your local businesses and exchange gifts with friends outside at a safe distance!

Some ideas to get you going:

1. If the summer bike season was any indication, cross country skis are going to be hard to come by this winter so don't get behind on this one. If you are interested in classic skiing and just haven't been able to commit because waxing is intimidating, look no further:

or better yet, order from your local ski shop.

Excellent choice for doing this

Skin skis don't require wax, work in most conditions, and are still pretty fast! They come in many different levels of skis for all needs. I have a pair on hand all the time for when waxing is just too complicated and they still let me get my training session in

2. Becca Buffs: My teammate Becca makes wonderful artwork and puts it on buffs! Buffs are an essential ski item this year, so why not sport some great artwork at the same time!

Also carried in shops in Anchorage and Fairbanks, check the website for which ones

A pretty buff makes all outdoor activites more fun!

3. I rarely ski without mittens. My hands just don't stay warm without them and these wonderful mittens aren't too bulky so you don't even notice that you have mittens on:

And again, look at your local ski shop first. AMH carries LillSport!

Mittens and BeccaBuffs

4. Nuun Hydration-'tis the season to keep a strong immune system and ensure adequate rest:

My Favorite Flavor for Immunity:

My favorite flavor for Rest:

Make sure those drink belts are filled with something good!

5. Honey Stinger Cracker Bars: finding bars, gummies, and treats that you can eat in the winter without breaking your teeth is a real challenge. These bars stay edible in frigid temps and are really quite tasty to boot!

Excellent choice for most activities!

6. RunFastEatSlow: A fantastic collection of cookbooks for those that want to eat well to train well and also start to grasp nutrition. The muffins are essential and have been fueling my training everyday since I first cooked them.

Superhero Muffs in all their glory!

(also, the reusable muffin tin liners are a game changer, never have to scrub a muffin tin again and cook muffins on the road with or without a muffin tin!)

or A food processor: This allows me to make said muffins quickly along with so many other snacks, salads, and treats. This is the most needed kitchen appliance for someone wanting to cook healthier food faster.

Sweet potato hummus from RunFastEatSlow made in a flash in my food processor

7. At home gyms are the new thing so rather than hitting up amazon, support a track star:

I've been doing the garage gym since March!

8. Believe Training Journal: I record all my training in an excel spreadsheet that I can share with my coach, but I still really enjoy the act of putting pen to paper so I use this journal to write down daily gratitude, daily goals, and anything else that might pop into my head.

9. All things Alpine Fit: an anchorage based company that makes the most excellent face masks as well as base layers that can be bought in not only different sizes, but different shapes!

good coverage masks with a filter pocket!

10. These ornaments painted by fellow parkite and 2018 Olympian Abby are sure to make your tree shine:

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