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I was born and raised in Park City, Utah, attended Dartmouth College graduating with a BA in Geography, and now live in Anchorage, Alaska where I graduated with a MA from Alaska Pacific University and pursue my ski racing dreams.


The (Late) Beginning

It took some time for me to find my true passion. I bounced around in sports from gymnastics to soccer and even a little alpine skiing, but nothing captured me. I found myself heading into 8th grade with not much going on, but with a lot of energy and competitive spirit. My mom tried again and again to find an activity for me and kept coming back to cross country skiing. Eventually, I gave in and told her I would try it. It instantly grabbed me and set me on a whole new path. With each year, I became more and more captivated and spent more and more time training while my goals and dreams grew big.

Off Days

In my time away from skiing, I have spent many years studying both Geography and Education and look forward to pursuing more school in the future. I believe education is one of the best ways to empower people.  The mountains and exercise have undoubtedly given me a place and way to reflect, grow, grieve, work through problems, and challenge myself. I am a huge proponent of trails and any way that allows all people to experience the outdoors and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the incredible fueling needs of a cross country skiing, I have become an avid cook and amateur nutritionist. I find the ability to cook and to understand what food can give me an empower ability that has allowed me to embrace my body and enjoy the experience of sharing meals with those around me. Lastly, I have been lucky enough to be part of strong movement of American women in cross country skiing where I have learned the power of a team, the ability to empower one another, and to not believe in boundaries that others see. These passions and beliefs have led me to engage with a number of non-profits in my community. I act as an ambassador for Fast and Female, a non-profit working to empower girls through sport; Skiku, a non-profit that teaches skiing to kids throughout rural Alaska; and Healthy Futures, a non-profit seeking to develop healthy habits in all Alaskan kids.

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